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About us

Damage is for the sophisticated man who will not accept no for an answer. Progressiveness is what he seeks. His style sense is unique, could not care less about fashion, class is what he wants to convey. He is passionate, but not passive. Does not think in the past, but appreciates it and tries to plan three steps ahead. The world is his playground and no one can own it, not even him. No frames, no circles. Rules are there to be bent. Climbs over walls, breaks barriers, creates new dimensions. Where everyone goes left or right, he looks up. Reaches out his hand, but never goes hand in hand, he is a free bird! Never hangs around for too long, comfort makes him drowsy. Follows his own path, but also draws valuable lessons from his fellow man. Would like to achieve excellence, but not without being good initially. Has a no-bullshit attitude. Is energetic, fresh and stands positive in life.


Authenticity is key.

Damage supports you.


About Damage Playground

Since late 2012 the independent store is located in a modern waterside structure facing the Rotterdam city centre across the meuse river. It's spacious, with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow in floods of daylight. The store interior is clean and basic but feature a range of furnishings and props that are loosely inspired by an actual playground which allows different configurations. The focal point of the interior set-up is a collection of smart wooden mannequins. ''We wanted to create a hybrid space that offers flexibility and freedom in terms of setup. We wanted to get in touch with actual people and create a meeting space for kindred spirits, whatever that entails. Creating a kind of modern theater with a varying programme constantly seeking to draw a crowd. We simply try to follow our own path and not get carried away by tempting offerings in an industry where you could easily get carried away by the ‘coolness’ of it all.''